Token Offer Solution

All in one solution for token offers, STO, ICO and more.

As the barriers to investment lower, the need for the creation and listing of digital assets will increase. We have developed a single Listing Solution for the issuing of Initial Coin Offerings, Security Token Offers and even custom instruments.

What is Listing

Listing a new token is all about the distribution of information. But as all exchanges are vertically integrated, they don’t facilitate trading between them. This means that right now if you want to list on 3 exchanges you’ll pay three times for the same thing.

Here at Wuzu, we see things differently: we do charge for the listing of assets, but we offer what others can’t: we list your asset on the entire Multi eXchange Network.

Every single exchange that is powered by Wuzu will be able to trade your asset instantaneously. The backbone of our listing services is its robustness and flexibility: you can list anything as an instrument. Both the traditional Utility Tokens and the latest Security Tokens made possible by the wave of Asset Tokenization.

Security Tokens

A more recent class of Digital Assets, Security Tokens represent real-world Assets but can be traded like Utility Tokens: globally and instantaneously.


Utility Tokens

The first Crypto Currencies are Utility Tokens as they could be traded for access to functions and features of specific systems.
Example: Bitcoin, Ethereum.


Custom Instruments

Especially for our Institutional clients, the possibility of creating custom trading pairs is a huge step forward in agility and security for everyday operations.


Listing and the Multi eXchange Network

In the old way, to list a new asset for trading, one would have to go through the process each time for each exchange. Not only complex, but this is also an expensive approach. But the MXN does away with this. With the Multi eXchange Network, a token listed on any Wuzu powered eXchange will be automatically available on all the others. And every new exchange will also be able to trade previously listed tokens.


Check out our first STO, and perhaps, the first STO issued by a bank.