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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about Wuzu

MXN is a Multi-Exchange Network. A system built to connect differentexchanges in a single point of liquidity.  Instead of replicate order books as the integrators, market makers and liquidity providers do, Wuzu’s Network enable crypto Exchanges to directly connect it’s orders books, inbcreasing liquidity, speed and the number of trades in the whole system.

Essentially, Wuzu enables Exchanges to focus on their main goal, to reach a bigger stake of the market. Crypto exchanges role is more close to stockbrokers than they are to Stock Exchanges so, it’s not efficent that so many exchanges are spending money developing systems, paying for maintenance and also have to pay for liquidity.

Wuzu is a B2B only platform. We do not provide direct access for investors.

We provide services for Investment Banks, familly offices, Fund Managers, Brokers, Crypto exchanges, Digital exchanges and anyone who want to issue a digital asset.

We are able to run a complete exchange solution, and deliver it to our clients in less than a week.