Wuzu's One Exchange Solution

Multi-Exchange Network, numerous exchanges running as a single-point of liquidity

Wuzu is the first Exchange as a Service. It enjoys continuous development and updates, instantaneously available to every one of our customers. There are no tiers, just a single product that keeps on getting better.

Before Wuzu, you would have to either assemble your own exchange from scratch or buy a pre-packaged solution. The first option risks repeating past mistakes, the second leaves you with an expensive piece of technology that is expensive to maintain.

Every exchange that is powered by Wuzu is connected to our single matching Engine. This allows for trading among different exchanges and an unprecedented liquidity in the cryptomarkets. Despite this integrated approach to matching buy and sell orders, the exchanges are otherwise insulated from each other. Should one exchange have an issue and go temporarily offline, all the others will proceed operating normally. Each Exchange retains full control of its’ users information.

The simplest solution is often the best