Wuzu opens capital investment to everyone, everywhere!

Once upon a time there was this mysterious “thing” called capital markets, and while everyone knew about it, very few people could take part in this intriguing financial game. To play it there was one main rule, players had to have money, lots and lots of money. Fortunately, those days are over!

In today’s world anyone, regardless of budget, can participate and benefit from capital markets thanks to the inception of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. Due to its novelty, there are still obstacles and a significant learning curve before one can navigate the crypto ecosystem independently. However, this is where Wuzu steps in to provide support in every step of the way. Wuzu removes the financial limitation barrier by allowing individuals to participate in the financial markets regardless of the investment value.

Wuzu does not impose any minimum investment limits for trading, and by doing so, we remove the three main barriers to investment markets:

  • We seek to help investors in understanding how investment works and how they can do it.
  • We reduce and even eliminate long bureaucratic requirements that were common in the investment sector.
  • We aim at providing investors with the same access to quality investment opportunities that the established players have enjoyed for years.

To democratize this access, we knew we would have to develop systems and tools of our own, unparalleled in their performance. The team took on the challenge eagerly, and within two years we created Wuzu’s revolutionary platform.

What sets Wuzu apart from other investment platforms?

Our main unique selling point is the merging of two worlds. On one hand, we’ve built in the function segregation, the system resilience, the transaction speed and the fiduciary structure of traditional Stock Exchanges. On the other, we have the settlement security of blockchain, the 24/7 availability and the lack of geographical barriers of the internet. This allows for people anywhere, anytime, to invest freely.

Meet Wuzu’s matching engine!

Our Matching Engine is the meeting point of buyers and sellers and the core of Wuzu. We lovingly call it Wuzu Vortex. It is capable of performing matching buy and sell orders three times as fast as Bovespa (the Brazilian Stock Exchange).

Every Exchange running Wuzu’s Technology connects to our Matching Engine and takes part in what we named “shared liquidity.” It means that multiple exchanges operate independently but share an order book. All of them, each with perhaps hundreds of thousand users trading freely among the Multi-Exchange-Network.

This shared liquidity increases the trading opportunities, eases price discovery between different exchanges, and overall, makes markets more efficient.


Wuzu is not a one trick pony, meet the other products!

Wuzu offers more products that can assist the setting up of a proprietary digital exchange in no time.

  • Access to the Matching Engine (the base of the entire system and that is the only non-optional product if you run a Wuzu powered exchange).
  • White label Web Trading Platform.
  • Institutional Custody Grade Wallet.
  • Listing Services for Initial Coin Offering / Security Token Offering.

Not familiar with the terminology or the concepts mentioned in this article? Stay tuned, in the following articles, we will dive deeper into these topics. And since knowledge is power, we at Wuzu want to empower our audience to keep on learning about the future of finance, and how we can facilitate the participation in the investment markets, and as a result, become fully independent, efficient and most of all successful investors.

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Wuzu has been creating and sustaining Digital Assets Exchanges since 2017. Our suite of products is modular and the set up is easy, making it possible to run a complete solution in about 2 hours.

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