Wuzu, meet the stock exchange for the 21st century!

Wuzu brings the same benefits and opportunities of trading on stock exchanges to the masses, adding much-needed efficiency, security, and transparency never before seen in the financial industry.

Unless if you’ve been living under a rock lately, you may ask why out of the blue everyone and their moms are discussing security tokens in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. All things considered, there are numerous reasons. First of all, and most importantly, they are a revolution to the traditional stock markets which have not seen innovation since the 70’s.

Security tokens are the best investment that has EVER existed!

Security tokens, or tokenized securities, are investments similar to stocks that are traded on notorious exchanges, such as NYSE, XLON, HKEX, and BOVESPA, to name a few - with the exception that they’re better and much more inclusive to an entirely new population of investors. Like traditional securities, they represent ownership of an underlying asset, similar to a stock certificate, a bond or even a building. The reason why they are better in the first place is that they are designed for the present digitized and automated age that we live in 2018.

To make things even better, envision if stocks (in this example they would be called tokens) held by an individual were significantly smarter, almost with a “personality” of their own, and with the investor’s rights straightforwardly installed into the token itself. Time to collect dividends? The token knows. Liquidation preference? The token knows. Need to cast a ballot on investor goals? The token knows. These are just a few examples, “actions” and “features” can be programmed in a token via smart contracts. The possibilities are truly limitless.

Will security token exchanges disrupt traditional stock exchanges?


The answer is a big YES, and in ways we can only begin to imagine. This kind of statement is met with large doses of skepticism, which is a typical sentiment anytime innovation challenges conventional wisdom. However, if we looked back just a few years ago, we can see the disruptive power of innovation that made specific industries obsolete. Why go to a record store if there is Spotify or iTunes? Why rent or buy a DVD if there are Netflix and other countless video streaming services? Why go to the bookstore if there is Amazon? A similar question applies when it comes to investing in securities; why go through the expensive, restrictive and outdated mechanisms of traditional stock exchanges if there is an affordable, unrestrictive and more efficient solution such as security exchanges? This is a new concept, which the world has just started to take notice. We at Wuzu believe that, in the near future, security exchanges will become the new norm when it comes to securities investment and we are proud to be a pioneer in the asset tokenization industry.

Wuzu brings access to the capital markets to a device near you, no credit check needed!

The global nature of blockchain technology allows Wuzu to bridge companies in need of investment with a worldwide investor base. We do precisely what a stock exchange does, but based on cryptocurrency clearing technology.

To give an example, in classic stock exchanges, the settlement between a buy and a sell order is made the same way it was done 30 years ago, via paper. This means the settlement takes up to 3 business days to be fulfilled. Wuzu’s technology settles the same operation in just 30 minutes. This settlement speed is not limited to Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.

Wuzu can handle all types of financial transactions, such as commodities, assets, equity, and other financial instruments within minutes.

Wuzu is bringing powerful innovation to the table that will shake up the capital markets, and subsequently, the global economy. By facilitating the mass inclusion of individuals in an investment class that used to be exclusive to institutions and high net-worth individuals, we intend to challenge the status quo of the traditional stock market by adapting it to the 21st century. The world of finance is going through a complete overhaul, join us and be part of the revolution!


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