Green Treasure Seal: What it is and how to get it

Wuzu is pleased to announce that we have been certified with the Green Treasure Seal (Selo Tesouro Verde). We are now one of the first companies in South of Brasil to receive the certificate that attests the fulfillment of the Social and Environmental Retribution Quota, through the evaluation of Forest Credit.


The Green Treasury Seal is a certification for the Green Treasury Program, a digital Environmental Assets program – aligned with the Paris Agreement and the UN Agenda 2030 – which seeks to create a collaborative network of public and private initiative, to encourage and recover a utilization of natural resources through the issuance of environmental assets, that is, monetizing intangible environmental goods, and returning financial investment in order to guarantee the conservation of native forests and their biodiversity.

The social impact of each company is calculated according to its “ecological footprint”, an indicator of environmental sustainability, which allows assessing the extent to which or impact exceeds the limit. Information such as consumption of electricity, water, fuel, among others, is used for the calculation of the Social-Environmental Compensation Quota, and from this, it is possible to determine the impact to be compensated.

Along with companies like Santander and Itau, and affirming our socio-environmental responsibility and our commitment to sustainability, Wuzu selects Forest Credit and helps this cause, with the aim of positioning itself as the protagonist of solutions and not as a vector of problems .

How to get it?

The Green Treasure Seal can be purchased through the website there it will be available  the Environmental Impact Calculator, which records and calculates the amount of Forest Credit allowed for compensation or environmental impact.

The process is fast, transparent and safe, and above all, an innovative way of conserving native vegetation, by encouraging the Environmental Assets market.

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