About Wuzu

We are connecting the world's most disruptive technology.

Wuzu’s purpose is to fill the gap between traditional financial markets and a newborn digital assets capital markets, through best practices and new standards applied to a global matching-engine, capable of trading any blockchain-settled instrument. Our goal is to facilitate the evolution of a new and balanced capital market, bringing equal access to everyone involved and lowering entry barriers for current nonparticipants. We are impacting
small and big businesses, Institutional or Retail Investors, Broker-Dealers from the old and Exchanges from the new financial markets, and security issuers from small companies to large corporations and sovereign governments.
It is a global solution but it is distributed locally and each instrument will be traded geographically where it matters most, next to its customers and investors base, or the market participants that are most active in it.
We realize the financial world is on the cusp of a transformation and while new tools are needed, proven approaches are a solid foundation to build upon. We are merging the best of two worlds for a better solution.
We recognize the digitization of securities as an unavoidable trend that will require corresponding challenging scalability in infrastructure. As more securities become digital assets, the needs and benefits of frictionless electronic trading will skyrocket.
We know that the path for the least friction in electronic trading involves the right amount of integration and distribution. Centralization and Decentralization can converge to a better solution, and we are taking the best of these two perspectives into account as well.
We have committed, at Wuzu’s conception, to only allow retail clients to access our network through authorized Market Participants. There are only 3 different types of businesses that can become part of Wuzu’s Network:

• Cryptocurrency Exchanges;
• Financial Institutions; and
• Institutional Investors.

Wuzu’s objective is to become one integrated hub for digital assets trading, be it utility tokens, security tokens, derivatives, cryptocurrencies or anything else demanded from capital markets – old and new. We look at a highly integrated world that is 24/7 in all economic relationships and believe it’s time to get price discovery to it at the same time continuum. This might create a tendency for financial businesses just as cloud computing has permanently changed businesses CapEx requirements in terms of capital expenses for hardware and raw technology.